Should You Purchase Lab Diamond Jewelry

The process of creating a diamond using science and technology is simply incredible and inspiring! But, should you buy lab diamond jewelry? Read and find out!

Today, it is no wonder that the market for lab-grown, synthetic or man-made diamonds is booming and according to experts, it is predicted to keep growing. As you probably know, for a natural diamond to end up in a store, it takes millions of years, environmentally-damaging mining conditions, intense geological processes, and expensive procedures. With lab diamonds, all this is redundant.

The truth is that there is a lot of misinformation when it comes to lab diamond jewelry and if you are planning to invest in one, it is important to know what lab diamonds really are, why they can be a better choice than natural diamonds.

Before we present you the reasons why should you purchase lab diamond jewelry, we must clear one thing – a synthetic diamond is not a fake diamonds. There are other precious metals and gemstones that are similar to diamonds, they are just look-alikes. We are talking about cubic zirconia and moissanite – they simply cannot be compared to diamonds in terms of brilliance, durability, and etc.

The lab diamonds are grown in labs by copying all the characteristics of original diamonds. The labs use technology and science to produce in a few weeks what Mother Nature does in millions of years. This is an extremely expensive process, however, it is still much more affordable and eco-friendly than the processes included with natural diamond mining.

There are a few reasons why you should definitely consider a synthetic diamond. We are talking about environmental, monetary, ethical, and availability.

The lab diamond jewelry is priced up to 15-20% lower than natural diamonds. This makes it an affordable option, without compromising on the quality, of course. They are also an environmentally-friendly solution as they use modest quantities of resources which have no negative impact on the environment.

Synthetic diamonds are conflict free and have no association with the funding of wars and exploitation of labor.

They are more available and you can easily find lab diamond jewelry in a range of features and sizes to suit your budget and specifications.

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